Kevlar® Consumer Products

Proven performance to reach your next goal

No matter how you push yourself to be better every day, do it stronger, safer and lighter with consumer products built with DuPont™ Kevlar®. We help enable a range of everyday goods made from the very same materials that meet the demands of the military and first responders. When reliability matters, whether it’s for motorcycle gear, workout equipment or luggage, only Kevlar® can deliver.


How Kevlar® gets it done

For more than 50 years, Kevlar® has proven itself in the most extreme conditions. This legendary durability and versatility make it ideal for taking consumer products to the next level. If your brand needs to get tough, your brand needs Kevlar®.

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Abrasion & puncture resistance

Kevlar® fiber, when integrated into textiles, boosts impact abrasion resistance, lessens wear, provides puncture protection and tear resistance.


Kevlar® fiber is five times stronger than steel (on an equal weight basis), providing lightweight strength without sacrificing performance or protection

Fire & heat resistance

Kevlar® is a one-of-a-kind fiber, able to withstand fire and heat, providing protection when you need it.

Strong & rugged

Kevlar® fiber maintains its high-performance qualities, like tensile strength, even after repeated stress and strain.


Historically, we’ve collaborated with big-time brands to help make unforgettable products.

See how your brand + Kevlar® can reach new heights together. 


 Supreme + Kevlar® 

A total flex 


Reebok + Kevlar®

The only thing you should break is a sweat

 adidas + Kevlar®

Helping protect more than quarterbacks

Motorola + Kevlar®

Making smartphones into strongphones

Belkin® + Kevlar®

Bend but don’t break

NAPA® + Kevlar®

Making dependable even more dependable


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