Nomex® fabric for manufacturing & transportation

DuPont™ Nomex® Fabric for Manufacturing and Transportation

Nomex® continues to meet or exceed global standards for protection and performance for workers in the manufacturing and transportation industries

Nomex® offers a tested and proven portfolio of FR and arc flash solutions that deliver unparalleled and uncompromising protection and comfort. Nomex® fabric provides safety managers with peace of mind, and workers with the confidence they need to get the job done. 

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Discover the Nomex® fabric portfolio for manufacturing and transportation

Nomex® Xtreme Arc

Nomex® Xtreme Arc provides an ATPV of 12 to 19 cal/cm2, making it the most innovative and comfortable arc flash and FR protection for workers facing high-risk electrical exposure.*


Nomex® Comfort

The unique fabric technology of Nomex® Comfort provides extreme performance in a lightweight, breathable fabric with built-in flame resistance.


Nomex® Arc

Along with its Nomex® legacy thermal protection, Nomex® Arc delivers >8 cal/cm2 ATPV arc flash protection for superior protection and performance.* 


Nomex® Essential Arc

Nomex® Essential Arc provides reliable arc flash performance with enhanced garment durability for fewer replacements. 


Nomex® Essential

Nomex® Essential is a highly durable, protective fabric that helps minimize break-open and provides excellent heat and flame protection. 


*The Nomex® Xtreme Arc and Nomex® Arc double-faced fabric technology sacrifices the external face to protect the internal face after exposure to arc flash. This technology reduces burn severity, increasing overall protection for workers. 


Through our understanding of the industry and collaboration with our partners, Nomex® helps workers overcome the challenges they face

Nomex® fabric provides the extreme protection that workers deserve to meet the demands of the manufacturing and transportation industries.

Arc flash protection with heat and flame resistance**
Built-in heat and flame resistance
Better protection at longer exposures and higher temperatures
Inherent protection; can’t be washed out or worn away

Resists tears and abrasions
Extremely durable and long-lasting protective solutions
Helps provide valuable escape time

**All fabrics in our portfolio are suitable for arc flash protection as per NEC, NESC, NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements. 


Nomex® fabric for oil & gas

From the rig to the refinery, Nomex® fabric provides unparalleled FR protection and comfort for workers in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.


Nomex® fabric for utilities

When everything is on the line, Nomex® fabric delivers superior arc flash protection for electricians, wiremen and linemen.